Our Pediatric Chiropractic services are twofold. They address the need for treatment when a child has injured themselves as well as offer a series of preventative treatments that are most beneficial during the various stages of your youngster’s development. We have found that by performing intricate treatment adjustments starting at the newborn stage it is most beneficial in allowing their body structure to form and grow correctly. It also helps to strengthen their nervous and immune system which in turn allows them to fight off many of the common childhood ailments such as colds, flu and ear infections, for example.

Youngsters play hard and when they do it is very common for them to receive the same types of injuries that we as adults do. Their resilience often hides the symptoms of discomfort that they may experience and they can end up with damage to nerves, muscles and soft tissue that may not show itself for many years in the future. Our pediatric chiropractic services here at Canyon Lake Neck & Back Clinic are structured to quickly identify these types of potential childhood injuries and treat them so there are no repercussions to them in the future.